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Michael Looney

Crew Chief



He is originally from Fort Worth ,Texas.

He began working on WW-II vintage aircraft (Primarily the B-29, & the B-24) as a volunteer mechanic for The Commemorative Air Force in Midland Texas in 1990. He continued to work on them until 1995 when he became a licensed flight engineer on the B-29. He has accumulated over 500 hours as an engineer in this airplane. He has over 20,000 hours experience working on these airplanes over a span of 13 plus years.
He began working on Lyle Shelton's "RARE BEAR" in 1993 & worked on it until 1999 when I became involved with Unlimited Air (Bill Rheinschild's Air Racing Team) as a mechanic on his Hawker Sea Fury at the Reno Air Races. He  has worked with his team as a volunteer at the races until becoming a full time employee in November 2002. He now resides in Jerome Idaho and work with Bryan Marsh at The Jerome County Airport.
His main area of expertise is radial engines, primarily the Curtis-Wright 3350.





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